Hurricane Season is Here: How To Prepare

Don’t wait until it’s too late, make your preparedness plan today!

The National Hurricane Center provides tips to prepare for risks when alerted by emergency officials.

Visit the National Hurricane Center’s page here for more information.

Your dedicated Sterling Seacrest Pritchard claims team is prepared to assist with your preparedness plan and to help guide you on how to mitigate your claim should damage occur due to a natural disaster.

While safety during this time should be your main priority; where possible take steps to:

  • Document damaged property as this may be important in recovery from applicable insurance policies.
  • Mitigate your loss by taking reasonable steps to protect your property from further loss.
  • Notify your insurance carrier or your Sterling Seacrest Pritchard Claims Consultant of the damage as soon as possible.

David Paddison on the start of hurricane season. Click photo to watch full video.