2022 Construction Industry Risk Sentiment Index | Sterling Seacrest Pritchard

2022 Construction Industry Risk Sentiment Index

Results of the 2022 Sterling Seacrest Pritchard Construction Industry Risk Sentiment Index indicate a lower perceived risk exposure of 4.45 (out of 10) compared to 4.92 in 2021.  Results indicate more construction businesses are implementing a formal risk strategy (82% compared to 69% in 2021) and reviewing their strategy annually (72% compared to 60% in 2021).

The Construction Risk Sentiment Index is conducted each year to provide construction businesses with insight and benchmarking data that is both operationally and geographically significant. The survey was distributed to businesses across the Southeast served by Sterling Seacrest Pritchard and included prime contractors, sub-contractors, and owners/developers.

The Construction Industry Risk Sentiment Index survey asked industry leaders to identify the challenges faced by their businesses over the last year. Top concerns in 2022 include:

  • Material costs and delays (93%)
  • Staffing/enough employees to handle projects (74%)
  • Productivity issues (26%)
  • Economic issues (26%)

Last year, surveyed businesses felt they were least prepared to handle staffing shortages and rising material costs and delays in the coming year. These remain the top concerns for businesses in 2022. Supply chain issues and material cost escalations are the primary challenges faced in construction businesses’ day-to-day operations across the country. These results emphasize the need for the modern business owner to implement risk mitigation strategies around daily operations to thrive through economic uncertainty. Important strategies to discuss with your insurance & bonding advisor include contract risk management, trade credit insurance products, backlog assessments, and subcontractor default insurance.

Results also indicate that employee retention and employee benefit program strategies are more critical than ever as companies operate during the “Great Resignation.” 75% of participants note increased employee compensation in the past year and 41% provided incentives or bonuses.  While over half of participating businesses experienced employee turnover, 70% of those experienced a turnover of less than 10%. Now is an important time to discuss a strategy to attract and retain top talent in the industry with your employee benefits advisor.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 86% of participants are seeing an increase in available jobs and projects – an increase from 68% last year
  • 82% of participants report the increased price of materials has negatively impacted their bottom line – an increase from 76% last year
  • 98% of participants are experiencing project delays – an increase from 73% last year
  • 54% of participants were involved in an auto accident in the past year – an increase from 52% last year

Sterling Seacrest Pritchard launched its Risk Sentiment Index series in 2015 to determine how prepared construction companies are to manage their risk.